What next?

You’re nearly there! With summer approaching and exams nearly over and done with it's time to start thinking about what you can do next. There's a whole variety of career paths, university degree courses or volunteer placements out there; read through this section to get some great ideas of where your language can take you next...


Try not to let your language slip out of your mind now exams are over. It's really important to keep going over things regularly to keep things fresh.

If you're planning to carry on your languages at university then try going abroad to a country where your language is spoken? This is a great way to practice your language and get to know more of another country. If you're planning on learning a new language at university, you could still plan a trip abroad! This will stand you in good stead for your new course.

What do I do after my A-levels?

While studying for your A-levels you probably feel like you don’t have much of a life, but your exams will soon be over! Sorting out your future is tricky, but remember that languages are an invaluable skill. Below is a summary of just some of your options:


Did you know:

”You don’t have to just study a language! You can do a module in a foreign language alongside another subject, or you could start learning a new language from scratch"

A language degree or having languages as part of your degree is so useful. Studying languages teaches you all the skills that employers look for: an analytical mind; good thought process; amazing memory capacity; fantastic cultural and intercultural awareness; good communication; great team player...and these are just a few.

You don’t have to just study a language! You cab do a module in a foreign language alongside another subject, or you could start learning a new language from scratch. You can take a language as your main degree subject or combine it with another language or subject such as history, maths or music. There's more information on our Studying Languages at university website.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out the videos on this website made by students for students to tell you what studing languages is really like and how much they enjoy university life.



”Having a language opens many doors to your future possibilities.”

You may be thinking about going straight into employment, but that’s no reason for your language learning to stop. We’ve been going on about how valuable language skills are to employers so you know all that, but just think of all the places you can travel to and work with a language - you’ll definitely put yourself ahead of the rest!

Continue your language at an evening course or travel to the country to brush up while living like a local!

Having a language opens every door to your future possibilities. You’re not confined to working in one country but instead can do so much more!

Travelling / volunteering abroad

Got the travelling bug? You’ll already know how essential languages are for integrating in a culture and getting the most out of your experience; you'll get more of a taste of life in a different country. Languages can take you to some wonderful places and give you many brilliant opportunities.

Off to uni?

There's no doubt that the next few weeks will be a rush with plenty of things that need doing in order to be ready for going to uni in a couple of months' time. Uni is a big change - you’re probably moving away from home for the first time. But it’s also a really exciting opportunity - after a few weeks you’ll be settled in and looking forward to the rest of your time at university.

So with the summer just around the corner, what can you do to prepare for going to university?

Have fun!

Don't think about your exam results until it’s the day they’re given out. There’s nothing that you can do now - so just enjoy your summer holiday.