So you’re learning a language for GCSE...

Whatever subjects you do for GCSE, it’s the same old story - there’s plenty of things that you’ve just got to learn.

Check it out...

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Learning techniques

What kind of language learner are you? Take the test and find out...

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Where can languages take you?

Find out about the careers, opportunities and experiences open to you if you have language skills.

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How to ace the exams!

Advice on how to prepare and revise for your GCSE language exams.

Check out our tips to help you improve your language learning skills and our great ways to help prepare you for your exams in listening, reading and your assessments in speaking and writing as well as our advice to get you out of revision-ruts.

There are great sections on getting through motivation meltdowns and on how to ace the exams. Have a go at our fun games in times of crisis or have a look in the "What next?" section to see where languages can take you.