In this section you can watch videos of film trailers and songs in other languages, as well as celebrities who can speak more than one language. You can also check out Speak!, a drama series about languages. Have a look at the first episode below.

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Speak! is a drama about pupils who dropped languages after GCSE and now have the chance to win a summer work placement abroad. There are 15 short episodes for you to watch, as well as lesson plans for teachers.

Produced by Routes into Languages West Midlands


Watching films in another language is a fun way to learn it. You can watch films that were made in that language (ask your teachers for a recommendation), or many of your favourite English films have been translated. Here are some film trailers in French, German and Spanish for you to have a look at.

  • Are you a fan of Frozen? Take a look at the trailer in French here!
  • Here's the trailer for French film Les Choristes - ask your teacher if they have a copy for you to watch.
  • If marmalade sandwiches are more your thing, here's the trailer for Paddington in German
  • Did you enjoy Tangled? Try watching the trailer for it in German!
  • How about watching the trailer for Cinderella in Spanish?
  • If you're a fan of Toy Story, have a look at the trailer for Toy Story 3 in Spanish here!


Listening to music in another language is a great way to improve your listening skills, so here are some links to songs in other languages. We've also got links to songswritten by pupils learning languages like you. Have a listen and see what you think!

  • Gekommen um zu Bleiben by Wir Sind Helden
  • Dis-moi by BB Brunes
  • Bailando by Enrique Inglesias
  • Here’s a song written by pupils learning Spanish in Bath! It’s called Yo Estaba Perdida
  • This is Paradise by Serena & Nadja from St. Gregory's Catholic College. They perform it in English, Italian, Russian and Romanian!
  • Réunion en Réunion was written by secondary school pupils and has over 10,000 views! It's about la Réunion, an island where the official language is French.
  • This song was written by Sam Jackson and Sam Nailor from Highcliffe Sixth Form.


You'd be surprised how many famous people speak different languages! Here are some videos where you can see the likes of Colin Firth and Tom Daley speaking different languages. We've also got a link to a 9 language monologue!

  • Did you know that Arsène Wenger speaks 6 languages? He speaks French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Spanish and some Japanese. Watch him talking about languages here
  • Watch top diver Tom Daley speaking Spanish here!
  • Did you know that Sandra Bullock can speak German? Watch her speaking it here!
  • Here's a video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt speaking French.
  • Take a look at actor Colin Firth speaking Italian here!
  • Check out this video of Matthew speaking 9 languages!