What is Routes into Languages?

About us

The Routes into Languages programme encourages young people in schools to study languages, which have been identified as a Strategic and Vulnerable subjects by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

Recruitment to language study at GCSE, A-level and higher education has undergone a strong decline since the 1990s – one of the major aims of the Routes programme is to boost recruitment to language degrees in higher education.

Contact us

Routes into Languages, University of Southampton, Avenue Campus, Highfield, Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK

tel: 023 8059 9413
fax: 023 8059 4815
email: routes@soton.ac.uk

Alternatively you can ask us a question via our online form.

About this site

The ‘Why study Languages?' website was originally created in 2006 and contains resources to promote the study of language amongst school pupils. This site is for pupils and students of languages from Year 7 to Sixth form. If you are already studying a language at university please visit our Studying languages site for undergraduates.

This site can help you find out anything you want to know about what it means to study languages at GCSE and A level as well as giving you an idea of what languages and related subjects are like to study at university. You can explore why languages are important and how they can help you in your future by improving your job prospects. It will also give you information on how languages can open doors you never knew existed. You can ask questions, practice your language skills, Test yourself, play games, get exam and coursework tips and much more.